Nigeria- Drug scarcity looms.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t mean to interrupt this sorry party, but we’re running out of drugs.
Nigeria is on the verge of the biggest scarcity of drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials since the 1980s.
An entire nation of over 100 million people running out of Over The Counter medication. The situation is acute.
Since the dedicated hard work of late Prof. Mrs Akunyili in NAFDAC, and through concerted efforts of stakeholders, the Nigerian pharmaceutical industry had enjoyed a steady incline and glowing recommendations internationally.
The influx of multinational companies manufacturing locally, and standardisation of our generic products propelled the pharmaceutical industry to enviable heights in the Nigerian healthcare delivery system. The Nigerian drug market became a very lucrative aspect of Nigerian health economics, as witnessed by the migration of other health care practitioners into pharmaceutical retail, the revenues remitted from drug revolving funds, and the persistent increase in number of new pharmaceutical colleges across the country.
Nigerian drug companies like Emzor, Swipha, Juhel, May and Baker, Fidson etc produce standard pharmaceutical products in Nigeria, reducing the burden on multinational brands and ensuring availability of OTC and ethical products on hospital and retail shelves for those unable to pay for the more expensive brands.
Now, unfortunately the industry is facing a huge test of its core friability and integrity.
An acute lack of pharmaceutical grade raw materials brought about by a crippling economy, and unfortunate FOREX policies threatens to drag all the previous growth in this sector to the mud.
Here’s an awful prognosis.
Indigenous companies still source 70% of their raw materials abroad, because sourcing from Nigeria is actually more expensive and supply is often infrequent.
Companies soon increase prices of their products as stock level drops, to be able to afford more raw materials.
Companies also begin to lay off staff to cut costs and remain in business.
Generic companies make huge supplies to Teaching Hospitals that mismanage the revenue and are unable to pay for the drugs supplied.
A lot of companies begin to cut costs and corners by all means to remain in business.
Drugs dry up from hospital shelves as demand steadily surpasses product supply.
Drugs dry up from community retail outlets as companies refuse to supply to them on credit.
Proliferation of fake and substandard OTC medication and open drug markets to meet this urgent drug demand.
And in a short while we’re back to where we started with the horrible fake drug menace of the 80s and 90s that led to millions of lives being lost; and a magnitude of disabilities.
This process has begun already. Notable manufacturing and importing pharmacists are already crying out under the strain of the dead weight economy. President Ahmed Yakassi of PSN, Mr Okey Akpa of PMGMAN and SKG, and Dr Albert Kelong of ACPN amongst others have sounded dire warnings of the state of our national drug cabinet, to no avail.

As you were.



Confessions of an 042 street boy

My name is anonymous.

And it will remain so for now.

My face; unfortunately, is anything but.


I’m a street kid. I was born in these streets. Raised in these streets.  And now i sell drugs for a living…  In these streets!

Its not as glamorous or exciting as you would imagine, but i manage to keep the composure and demeanor of a gentleman. It helps me stay out of trouble, and maintains a legitimate image in this dog eat dog economy.

Street kid selling drugs.. what could possibly go wrong?

At the start of the year though, i took a job that  took me off the streets. I got a hospital internship.

You’ve seen the TV shows..

Scrubs. House. Grey’s Anatomy. Ma nigger its nothing like the TV shows.

I’m a slave. A hospital bitch. i work all day, i work all night, i work without joy, without love, sometimes without pay.

I’m a fucking government slave.

You’ll think i may at least have a couple of student doctors and young Nurses to have fun with in the ‘call room’ right? right??

well… you’re right.

I have a lot of fun in the Call rooms.

One particular night at the ‘in-patient’ call room comes to mind.. young hot student doctor creeping in in the middle of the night to ‘study’.. Comfortably plush Sofas. Laptop full of romantic comedy flicks. we ended up revising the human anatomy. hehehe.. But that’s another story.

Speaking of student doctors, i saw MJ again today.. Premium ticket that one. Premium.

Man i get carried away when i talk about these women.  That’s not the purpose of this blog. Heck i’m not even sure the purpose of this blog.

I’m just high on Guanifesin.

Yea, so i got bored with the hospital. there’s only so many nurses you can press during Emergency room Night rounds. lol, night rounds.

Excitement became routine and i needed something extra. So i took a second job in retail.

Two Jobs. Chicks dig niggers with two jobs. especially in this economy. Right?? Right???? weeeelllll fuck wrong.

lets just say chicks don’t know exactly what they dig or not.

They pretend they want a man on his grind. They pretend they want a busy man.

yea.. He should get busy making money so she can blow it while blowing her ‘bestie’ on the side.. because he ‘gives  attention’.

These Chicks. smh

urgh getting carried away again.. Have to gather my train of thought, and maybe i’ll tell you guys of my adventures with some Caritas University chicks. Dude. if you’re single and getting money in 042, get a Caritas chick. and thank me later. holy shit!!

brb guys..

got some viagra to sell.

Powdered Alcohol..[ Yup. You heard right.]

Powdered Alcohol: What do you think?

By Ejim.C.Ejim

B.Pharm, MClinPharm

Substance abuse experts are concerned about the imminent availability of powdered alcohol because of its health risks and abuse potential.

The flavored, freeze-dried alcohol, which looks like powdered Jell-O, can be thrown into a back pocket and taken almost anywhere, according to Harris Stratyner, PhD, regional clinical vice president, Caron Treatment Center’s New York Recovery Services, and associate professor of psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City.

“You don’t have to carry around a bottle of alcohol if you’re going camping or for a bike ride. And when you get to your destination, you just add water or mixer to reconstitute the alcohol ― and voilá, you’ve got an instant alcoholic beverage,” he said.

The powdered alcohol ― known as Palcohol ― was approved for sale earlier this month by the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

The product, which comes in single-serving packages, each the equivalent of one shot of alcohol and weighing about an ounce, will reportedly hit retail stores and be available online by the summer.

There are five versions: vodka, rum, and three cocktails – Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop, and Powderita, which tastes just like a Margarita. The mixed drink cocktails have natural flavorings and use Sucralose as a sweetener.

Because it is concentrated, the product would be easier than liquid alcohol to sneak into concerts and other places where alcohol is banned, said addiction specialist Petros Levounis, MD, chair, Department of Psychiatry, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Newark.

Disaster Waiting to Happen?

The powdered substance makes it easy to snort the alcohol, which is “worrisome” and “dangerous,” according to Dr Stratyner. He is also concerned about combining it with other drugs, such as cocaine and marijuana.

“Say you sprinkle it on a brownie made with marijuana, which is an antiemetic. Then suddenly you’re going to have something that’s inhibiting your ability to fight off alcohol poisoning.”

Because the water has been removed, the percentage of alcohol by volume depends on how much liquid is added. When you add 6 ounces of liquid, it is equal to a standard mixed drink.

Dr Levounis is concerned about a product that “we don’t know much about” bringing unanticipated problems. “We’ve been burned before” when products that appeared to be different formulations of a seemingly benign substance were approved and became a “completely new beast.”

He used the example of Four Loko, a combination of alcohol and four shots of espresso. Alcohol has a “built-in protection” in that when you drink too much, you fall asleep. “But if you add four shots of espresso, you prolong your ability to continue to drink,” he said.

Another concern is the misconception that products subject to abuse are safer when legal.

“The biggest disaster in addiction has come from cigarettes, not from marijuana,” said Dr Levounis.

In addition, the novelty of the product might draw young people to try the powdered alcohol to impress their peers or seem cool, and to use it to excess, added Dr Levounis. He has seen first hand the fallout from such “crazy” behavior among kids.

Although approved at the federal level, the product is still subject to state regulations.

The powdered alcohol was approved before by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, but the approval was “rescinded,” said Dr Stratyner. He and his colleagues at Caron Treatment Centers hope that “something can be done to take a closer look at it” again.

What do you think?

Anyanwu’s Entrance. [Episode 1]


Anyanwu and Agbala

It was on a day like any other when the quakes began. It was rhythmic and loud. It shook the heavens and was thunder so deafening on earth. It went on for weeks without end. Like footsteps of a million angry giants, in a place far away but still too close for comfort.

The people were worried.

Kedu ife na eme uwa?” Was what the mad man had started to chant weeks before the quakes began. He would sing it in the markets. He would sing it on the roads. When the quakes came he had a choir. And as it lasted his choir grew.

Kedu ife na eme uwa?” The four kings of Ezike had come together to ask their gods and the sons of their gods. The gods were mute. Their sons didn’t know. And the priests were as lost as babes born in the dark.

On nights when the sun should have stopped shining it shown the brightest. On days when the quakes were dull the sun failed to appear. It seemed as though Anyanwu himself had gone mad. The villagers all thought it but nobody dared to say it.

Kedu ife na eme uwa?” Was what Uche asked the heavens when his wife died giving birth to a baby with horns. The black baby had come out smiling. Clawing it’s way out of his mother after she had taken in just six weeks earlier when the quakes started. It tore her skin and Amaka had died screaming in agony while her midwives fainted or ran in every direction away from Ekwensu’s spawn. They returned to the corpse of both mother and child. if we would call it that.

It was not uncommon that gods would visit mortals and give them babies. But whenever your wife birthed Ekwensu’s seed you must be killed or else you will keep birthing his seeds. It was barbaric but necessary. Even the men did not object. And that is how Uche met his fate. Man, woman and babe dead because of Ekwensu’s fiery loins.

Kedu ife na eme uwa” Adanne had dared to ask even after Anyanwu, her suitor had warned her not to. “You will not be able to live with the knowledge. The world is not ready to know” but you see Adanne was Amaka’s twin. And in the way that gods were Ekwensu had taken Amaka for he didn’t want Anyanwu’s Ada to ever be truly happy.

Kedu ife na eme uwa?” She continued to sing. The tears in her eyes reaching where the priest’s libations, offerings and sacrifices had failed to reach.

And for the first time  since the turmoils began, Anyanwu allowed the priests to see. To behold his face. To see him smiling.,


Anyanwu sat on his throne in a way that the throne seemed to be an extension of his glorious nature. They seemed inseparable. The throne from the god. The god from the throne. Light radiated from every part of his massive body. His skin was gold and he had no shadows.

He was a fine god. His face and physique seemed to embody his office. He was young and old. He was lithe and then huge. And when you look into his eyes; when he permits you to look into his eyes, you will see the experience of a god who has lived since the beginning of time. A god that would live till the end of it.

His bossness filled and radiated over Elu igwe the Great Hall of gods. And even though there were more than two dozen gods and their minions present his aura was what enveloped the arena.

The quakes didn’t faze him. The quakes fazed no gods. They moved round the Hall of Gods and made Merry with wine and fruits. Laughing heartily while the quakes provided the music a few skipped to……

To be continued by @NotRookiegod

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Ranbaxy’s ‘fast one’

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Lawlessness, Poverty, Conscience, Ethics or Reality? Take your pick.

Ejim Chukwuka Ejim

B.Pharm, MClinPharm


Antimalarial with strict compliance to World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation of artemisinin combination are available and affordable. The molecules in these ACT group are extensively researched and have been in use over 3 decades with known and predictable side-effects.

Synriam (a combination of arterolanemaleate 150mg and piperaquine) is now widely prescribed and recommended by most Nigerian prescribers (Prescribers because Doctors are not the only culprit here but Nigerian Health sector). This massive prescription/recommendation is in part due to the aggressive marketing strategyused by RAMBAXY in forcing the drug down the throat of Nigerian population and our naivety in helping Rambaxy achieve their deliverables at all cost.

A look at what INTERNAL MEDICINE NOTEBOOK make of the drug will reveal part of the truth to us.


  1. Paediatrics – The safety and efficacy of synriam tablet has not been established in paediatric patient aged less than 12 years.
  2. Geriatrics – Clinical studies of synriam tablets in uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparium malaria did not include patient aged above 65year. In general, greater frequency of decreased hepatic, renal or cardiac function and of presence of concomitant disease or other drug therapy in elderly patients should be considered when prescribing synriam tablets.
  3. Hepatic Impairment: No specific pharmacokinetic studies have been performed in patients with hepatic impairment.
  4. Renal Impairment: No specific Pharmacokinetic have been performed in patients with renal impairment.

Comparism with other antimalarial medications readily available.

Artemisin based combination
Drug type Coartem Artequine P-Alaxin Synriam
Duration of use 3 days 3 days 3 days 3 days
Cost Cheap/ free @health centres Expensive cheap cheap
WHO endorsement Yes Yes Yes Yes
1.      Efficacy Good Good Good
2.      Renal impairment Yes Yes Yes No
3.      Hepatic impairment Yes Yes Yes No
4.      Lactation Yes Yes Yes No
5.      Pregnancy Yes Yes Yes No
6.      Paediatrics Yes Yes Yes No
7.      Geriatrics Yes Yes Yes No
8.      In cardiac/concomitant diseases Yes Yes Yes


  1. So why prescribe or recommend this drug?
  2. What do you know about arterolane and for how long?
  3. If anything happens to a patient on synriam, who will be responsible.
  4. Are we running short on options in malaria treatment?
  5. So why rush into synriam?

Ekwensu [EP.2]- Tail of the Beast.

Mythology Afrika






Huge leaping flames of red hot fire blazed through the dry creeks that lined ugwu mmuo. 7-foot flames, whipping and lashing about in the way fires do when out of control. The fire seemed alive, hungry, and mobile. Tossing and swooning was a heavy wind that was simultaneously blowing it everywhere, and keeping it in place. But Ikuku was not even at ugwu mmuo tonight. In fact, Ikuku had never stepped foot in Ugwu mmuo. He wasn’t welcome there. Ekwensu’s palace was awash in the fiercest, ugliest, hottest flames possible, exactly how he liked it.

Kitipka didn’t care so much for the pyrotechnics. He liked it better when Ekwensu turned off the lights as he did whenever he went visiting some of the other gods, or had a lady over. But neither of that had happened recently. In fact Ekwensu had…

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Njakili. Of debauchrey and banter. [18+]

Oh my god! Right there! Right there! Faster baby! Harder!

Njakiri was amused by the writhing body of the dark skinned woman on his bed as he obediently increased the pace and strength of his pelvic thrusts. He enjoyed fucking expressive women and the voluptuous woman on all fours in front of him was no disappointment. Her loud moans kept his restless mind from wandering. He tugged at her shiny, black hair and was impressed by the large size of her buttocks. He tried to remember her name and he chuckled when he couldnt. He blamed his forgetfulness on how easy these women made it for him.

Njakiri was usually described as a tall, muscular man with dark brown eyes on an innocent face. Depending on the amount of sunlight that fell on his skin, he was either light skinned or brown skinned. He had tough, curly black hair and coarse facial hair encircling well-proportioned lips. He wasnt especially good looking but he had a vitality about him that made people think he was. His most distinct quality was his voice which, according to the woman moaning in front of him, sounded like a sexy grumble.

Oh My gooooooodddddd! she screamed.

Njakiri laughed softly as he watched the womans body jerk in arrhythmic movements on his water bed. He smiled as he likened the sight to the final movements of a dying, decapitated chicken. He moved to choke her to increase her pleasure but he thought better of it. He wasnt in the mood to raise another woman from the dead. It had been two days since he accidentally killed that particular conquest in a sexual bout.

More? he asked in a tone that mimicked a benevolent priest.

Yes please, cooed the woman.

He held her legs and flipped her on her back as she squealed in delight. He raised her legs and placed them over his shoulders as her entered her slowly.  As he increased his pace, she grabbed the sheets on the bed to brace herself against his manic thrusts.

Ife Ife… IFE fuuu ccckkk I uuuucck she sputtered.

Njakiri circled his hands around her throat and squeezed hard as he continued thrusting into her. He watched her eyes roll behind her head just as her body was racked by a spasmodic wave. He felt a sharp jolt of pleasure as he spurted into her jerking body and laughed as he watched her body jerk lifelessly for a few seconds before it stopped. He raised her hand and watched it flop lifelessly to the bed when he released it. He roared in laughter as he realized he had killed another woman. He opened her mouth, spat into it and slapped her hard across the face. Her body jerked again and she opened her eyes slowly to look at his smirking face.

What happened? she asked in a drowsy tone.

Dont worry about it, he replied. More? he inquired with a raised eyebrow.

What? No. Im too tired to keep up. Four rounds of intercourse? Im okay.

He grimaced at her. He wondered why she used intercourse instead of fuck when referring to their sexual encounters. He tried to remember what her occupation was and he drew a blank.

Go to sleep, sweetie. I need a drink.

She rolled on her stomach and was soon fast asleep. He eyed her nude figure for a brief moment and he left for his kitchen.

He walked naked into his large, all-black marbled kitchen and he was suddenly hungry. He looked at his freezer in the far corner of the kitchen and decided that hed have a whiskey first. He hoped his cook had kept some cooked meat in the freezer.

As he poured himself his first glass of neat whiskey on his kitchen counter, he thought about his ex-wife Eke. He shrugged and poured himself another glass and he decided that she was probably getting gangbanged by a group of smitten men. Her need for constant validation sickened him. Her step-father had sworn to kill him for divorcing his daughter. Amadioha had never frightened Njakiri. Not especially after Njakiri had tricked him in a game of Ncho and stolen some of his powers of regeneration.

He smiled as he poured another glass for himself while he filled another empty glass and pushed it away from him towards the other end of the counter.

Knocking before entering my home has always been a problem for you, no? he said to his unseen guest.

I wouldnt want to wake up your whore, said his guest as a curvy, dark skinned woman with short, black hair appeared next to him. She was of medium height in a short sky blue gown and red stilettoes. Her face had a snub nose with full lips and large eyes that slanted slightly at the corners. The eyes were those of a voracious reader: restless, intelligent and bright in the tireless quest for knowledge.

Right now, those eyes were staring angrily at him.

After all, she needs all the rest she can get after that savage activity you put her through, she continued coldly.

That isnt what you call it when we do it, sweetie.

Fuck you.

In a moment, Im almost done with my drink, he said while quickly ducking to avoid the glass she flung at him. It smashed into bits on the wall behind while she stared at him with a look of rage.

Wow. Your aim seems to have improved. Well done, Uhammiri.

Can you not be a bastard this night and put some clothes on? she scolded.

He leaned back against the counter and started stroking his large penis.

Im sorry could you repeat that? he asked innocently.

Uhammiri made an exasperated sound and walked towards to freezer to find food. She wondered why she was with Njakiri after her uncle forbade her from going near him. Then she smiled to herself when she knew why she was with him. He was still stroking one of the reasons when she started cutting up the meat.

How did it go with the woman at the police station? he asked.

I dont want to talk about work, she retorted.

He chuckled and added: I like my meat with some lettuce and tomatoes. Be a darling and fetch them from the cabinet above you.

Uhammiri stiffened for a brief moment before she reached above and did as she was asked.

As he drank his next glass of whiskey, he admired Uhammiri with the seriousness of an art critic appraising a fine painting. He noticed her very plump buttocks and her slightly bowed legs. He stared at her short hair and smiled to himself. She knew how much he liked her hair long and yet, she had cut it to spite him. She wanted to punish him because he fucked her best friend last week at his birthday party.

She turned to look at him and went back to dicing the tomatoes with a loud huff. He sauntered over to where she was and pressed his erection into her gluteal cleft.

What is it? she asked with a slight inflection in her voice.

Im sorry, sweetie. He said close to her ears while grabbing her left breast. He smiled distractedly when he realized it was his favorite one of the two breasts.

Are you sorry or horny? she asked with a quivering voice. She was dismayed that she was getting turned on in spite of her annoyance at his antics.

Why choose one when we can have both? Okay. Im sorrny. Im very, very sorrny.

Really? she asked softly.

He didnt reply as he placed his lips forcefully on hers and increased the pressure on her left breast. He raised the hem of her gown up her thighs and he felt her body relax as his hand grazed the soft mound between her thighs.

The slap on his cheek surprised him more than it hurt him.

You think you can just push your fat dick against my soft ass and everything would be okay? she threw at him, No way. Now, cut up the lettuce.

Yes maam. But you cant blame me for trying. he echoed in mocking obedience.

Are you mocking me? You play too much. she scolded.

Then she suddenly smiled, pulled down his head and to kissed him gently on the lips.

Im sorry. she said. Lets eat first. Im hungry. Then Ill see what I can do about that monster between your legs.

Youll beg before I put it inside you, he teased.

We shall see.

They talked about her job as a lawyer and he laughed heartily when she told him the story of the woman at the police station. He listened attentively to her stories and he praised her cooking effusively. She pressed him for stories about the interesting patients he encountered while working in his practice. He talked about them very briefly and evasively. He didnt want to ruin her mood by letting it slip that he had fucked the nurse he told her about last week. She told him about how she bullied judges into returning a verdict in her favor. He listened with disbelief as she told him about how she had struck a judge dumb because he was going to pass a verdict against her client.

Dont worry, Ill clear the dishes. Youve been on your best behavior, she said.

He agrees too, he said indicating to his erect penis.

How were you hard all this while?

I play too much.

She smiled licentiously as she walked around the kitchen counter and took his erect penis in her mouth while bending over him.

The little man looked at the naked couple moving furiously against each other by the kitchen counter. He had large bulging eyes and was balding with large ears sticking through the tufts of hair at the side of his head. He had sparse facial hair and smelled like an unwashed fish monger. His only redeeming feature was his long, curved nose which he stroked as often as possible. He wore expensive clothes which looked paradoxically cheap since they were too big for him.

He placed one hand on the glass pane to watch the couple while the other hand was tugging at his penis. He was close to ejaculation when his phone vibrated in his breast pocket. He looked at the caller id and his eyes bulged even further before he hurriedly pressed the answer button.

My lord? he quavered.

You fucking imbecile. I asked you to spy on Njakiri and Ive had no report from you for the past hour, thundered the caller on the other end of the line.

My Lord, Im very sorry I I was going to

Whats he doing now?

Hes fucking another woman, my lord.

Another woman? There are two women?

Yes, my lord. One from the club and the other woman came to visit him. I still dont understand how the other one got into the house.

The man on the other line paused for a beat. Then he said, Get out of there. Youve done enough for today. I dont want Njakiri to know hes being watched.

My lord, I checked his personal information. His name isnt Njakiri. Its Ifeanyichu-

Shut the fuck up, you fucking mortal and get out of there.

Yes, my lord.

The little man stared at the phone angrily before he turned his attention back to couple in the kitchen. He shrugged in a resignation and started masturbating furiously with his eyes closed.

Njakiri leaned against the kitchen counter nursing a glass of whiskey while he watched Uhammiri get dressed.

I have to go. I have another defaulter to visit. Uhammiri said as she pulled up her black gown.

Youre a goddess for fucks sake. You can see her next week if you wanted to. I want you to spend the night here, Njakiri playfully whined. Im not done with you yet.

She eyed him salaciously for a brief moment and shook her head in the negative. She knew that she wouldnt sleep if she spent the night with him. Njakiri was insatiable and she was too drained to keep up with him. He had stolen Amu-Igwes testicles and swallowed them whole to obtain an infinite amount of virility. She knew this because he loved telling her the story whenever he could.

Could you hand me my bra? she asked coyly.

No. Im keeping this one. I like the lace, he replied cheerily.

She loved his jocular attitude. He was never in a bad mood and she never knew how he did it. He was never angry at her no matter how hard she tried to be unreasonable towards him. As she eyed his full lips and his broad chest, she wondered if her refusal to spend the night with him was too hasty.

Then she remembered the other woman sleeping in his bedroom and she shrugged angrily.

What? he asked.

I just remembered that you have a whore in your bedroom. I shouldnt have fucked you, she replied coldly.


You want me share your bed with you and a whore? You play too much.

You know this.

If she hasnt died from all that fucking

Wait. You were watching me fuc-

I never said that.

Njakiri gave her a wide grin. I never knew you were a voyeur. Nice.

She ignored him and started putting on her stilettoes.

I just have to get out of here before I change my mind, she thought.

He poured himself another glass of whiskey and as with all the other glasses, swallowed it in one gulp.

You could make her disappear and take her place. It wouldnt be the first time you made a whore of mine wake up in a forest in the middle of nowhere.

Why would you want me to do that?

Because I play too much, he said as he prodded the soft mound between her thighs with his dick. He felt her legs tremble slightly.

Well, be that as it may, she said as she reluctantly stepped back from his erection, You should realize that I play even more.

She smiled smugly and vanished from the kitchen while Njakiri laughed at her comeback. He poured himself another drink while he thought about his upcoming meeting with his friend Anwulu.

He enjoyed hanging out with Anwulu whenever he found the time to do so. Anwulu was always eager to join him in pulling off his elaborate and often amusing pranks. He remembered how he had persuaded Anwulu to help him steal Amu-Igwes testicles and he laughed out loud in his empty kitchen.

Whats funny? the woman asked him at the kitchen door.

Youre awake. I was laughing at some old memories, he replied.

Im hungry, she said as she pressed her ample breasts to his back. She trailed some light kisses around his neck and stopped shortly as she stared at his dick.

How the fuck did that enter my pussy and Im still alive to talk about it?

Actually, you died. But a playful god gave you a second shot at life.

You play too much. What god? she snorted.

Njakiri sighed heavily as he hoisted her off her feet and carried her towards his bedroom.

These mortals never learn, he thought.

He shook his head at the fact he was going to fuck her again and hed have to bring her back to life when she died from the intense orgasm. He shook his head at the fact that he had been fucking this woman every night for three weeks and he couldnt remember her initials let alone her name.

Youre right. I play too much, he said as she giggled in rapturous delight from the quick kisses he planted all over her body.

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